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Asteroid Day Activites

​Meteor Crater 10am – 5pm

8:00 AM - Doors Open

9:00 AM - Full Rim Tour
•    Guided tour at Meteor Crater
•    Registration/sign-up in person at Planet Science Store or online here
•    Participants will be led around the rim and learn from their guides about asteroids and the history of Meteor Crater

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM - Asteroid Day Game Show | Location: Discovery Theater
•    An engaging game show where participants can test their knowledge about asteroids and astronomy.
•    Custom interactive science game presentation with effects
•    Prizes will be awarded to the winners.

All Day Activities (11:00 AM - 4:00 PM):
•    Local Food Truck 
•    Portable Bar in Astro Park
•    Face painting for children 
•    Music, cotton candy machine
•    Photography and event specials 
•    Scientific demonstrations
•    Info on asteroid research and related

Lowell Observatory 7pm - 11pm

Proclamation | 7pm - 7:10pm

Mayor Becky Daggett and County Supervisor Adam Hess will read an Asteroid Day Proclamation to kick off Lowell's evening of science talks.

Science Talks | 7:10pm - 9pm

Dr. Nick Moskovitz will discuss a project that utilizes off-the-shelf security cameras to image meteors and allow scientists to predict the location of potential meteorite impacts.

Brian Skiff will also share the intriguing story of Zoozve—an asteroid that appears to orbit Venus as a quasi-moon—which captured the imagination of the public last year.

Stargazing at the historic Clark Refractor and Giovale Open Deck Observatory*

*Weather Permitting

Book Your Tickets Now!

Tickets for the Asteroid Day Big Impact Event can be purchased online in advance, or at the door at either Meteor Crater or Lowell Observatory.


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